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The GlassAtron features: A heavy duty base capable of handling 8” laps with a 1/6 hp motor providing 48 in oz of torque. Variable speed control allows for 80 to 1800 rpm.  The vertical upright shaft is 3/4” diameter, 17 ½ Inches tall and bearing quality stainless steel.  Push button height adjustment quickly release head and allows you to go from one end of the mast to the other. Micro height is built in to assembly for smooth easy to use micro adjustments.  The angle is read on the protractor which is laser engraved in 1º  increments with 5º  over run on either end of 0º and 90º. This can be broke down to 1/10 º increments using the angle stop knob,  I.e. each full division on the knob equals 1/10º & one full turn of the knob equals 1º.  The feature that makes the GlassAtron the most friendly is the 10mm dop arm! This allows the user to leave the art piece on the boro rod and insert it into the arm for faceting without the need for glues or waxes. This is if the intension is to facet 1/2 of a piece while the half with the boro rod will be for fusing to another boro object. If you would like to facet the whole object you will need additional items such as dops, transfer jig & wax which we also manufacture and or sell. The dop arm is also removable with the index wheel attached for multiple users or production cutting operations. Standard index wheel is 96 tooth.  The index splitter aka (cheater) allows for rotation of the dop arm 10º right or 10º left of the center position. This adjustment is smooth and with anti –back lash.  The 45º  table adapter is for placing a facet on the end of the object called the table.  We now offer slide holders for your 14 & 18mm tapered slides to fit into the 10mm dop arm.  For those that wish to facet all of a piece such as a marble we offer a transfer jig and dops. The transfer jig will accommodate objects 2” in diameter and up to 3” long. Please contact us if a larger jig is necessary. We are always interested in how our instruments are being used and enjoy hearing our customers feedback. Please contact us with your story at:
Poly-Metric introduces the, GlassAtron
                          -the glass industrys “first” specialized facet instrument-
GlassAtron comes with: water drip tank 45º table adapter 2 master laps 1 260 grit lap topper 1 1200 grit lap topper 1 8” felt polishing pad 1 lb cerium oxide powder safty goggles Please check the accessories page for prices.
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